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Mechanism of action of SynVC

We named the "autologous tumor cell vector" SynVC.

SynVC is a regenerative medicine product in which a cancer patient's own tumor cells are encapsulated with a natural killer T (NKT) cell-activating compound, and then cell death is induced in the tumor cells. The NKT cell-activating compound used in the processing of SynVC is alpha-galactosylceramide (KRN7000), which is not merely a reagent manufactured in accordance with GMP, but is a GMP-manufactured drug substance used in human clinical trials, thus ensuring a high level of safety. When SynVC is returned to a cancer patient's body, it is possible to
1) SynVC releases KRN7000 and tumor antigens (neoantigens)
2) Both dendritic cells (DCs) and NKT cells in the body are activated
3) DCs present neoantigens on the cell surface to induce the production of antibodies from tumor-specific killer T cells and B cells. The above series of reactions attack the tumor. Finally, tumor-specific lymphocytes are retained in the body as memory cells for a long period of time, which can be expected to be effective in preventing recurrence. In addition, as long as the cancer patient's own tumor cells can be harvested, SynVC can be used for all types of cancer treatment.

Steps of treatment

The procedure for SynVC processing
1) Collect cancer cells from patient

2)Shipping to CPC
3) In vitro culture them for a short term (usually 48-72 hours) in order to be internalize NKT cell-activating compounds into the cancer cells. Cultured cells are harvested and irradiated to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and inactivate them.

Although SynVC can be administered to patient on the day and it is also possible to cryopreserve for a long term, so it can be infused on a day convenient for the patient.

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